Stefania Podhorska-Okołów – ostatnia redaktorka “Bluszczu”


  • Dorota Witczak Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie. Biblioteka Główna

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Podhorska-Okołów Stefania, Bluszcz, historia, czasopisma kobiece, Polska, 20 w.


[The Last Editor of "Bluszcz"]

The article features Stefania Podhorska-Okolow, the editor-in-chief of "Bluszcz", one of the oldest periodicals for women in Europe. The magazine is also eminent in the history of Polish press for its 74-year period in which it was published. Stefania Podhorska-Okolow was the editor-in-chief of the "Bluszcz" weekly in the years 1921-22 and 1927-39 skillfully balancing the commercial requirements of the owners and her own professional ambitions and views on the changing role of women in the society. Her magazine popularized a new type of the women - educated, professional active, and engaged in social issues. Consequently a new type of the Polish family was also presented.




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Witczak, D. (2003). Stefania Podhorska-Okołów – ostatnia redaktorka “Bluszczu”. AUPC Studia Ad Bibliothecarum Scientiam Pertinentia, 2, 213–224. Pobrano z



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