Fragment księgozbioru kamedułów na Bielanach pod Warszawą w zbiorach Biblioteki Księży Marianów w Lublinie


  • Maria Juda Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej; Instytut Bibliotekoznawstwa i Informacji Naukowej

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history of books, incunabula, old print, monastery collections of books, Camaldolese, Marians


[A fragment of the book collection of the Camaldolese monks in Bielany near Warsaw in the collection of the library of the Marian Fathers in Lublin]

The history of the Camaldolese library in Bielany near Warsaw is strongly related to the history of the hermitage that was founded by Vladislaus IV. The fall of the Noble’s Republic stopped the development of the hermitage while the dissolution of the monasteries and closing the novitiate led to its liquidation in 1902. Finally, the creation of a parish in 1905 and handing over the monastery buildings to the Marian Fathers ended its history. Apart from the buildings, the Marians also took over the post-Camaldolese collection of books. They combined it with the books from the library of the Warsaw Reformats, and then started ordering and compiling the collection. During World War II, a significant part of the collection was destroyed or dispersed. The effort of rebuilding the library that was undertaken after the termination of hostility was interrupted in 1954 when the Marians had to leave Bielany After a short stay in the Library of the Theological Seminary in Warsaw, the collection was distributed among different Marian monasteries. The Bielany library was dispersed and a part of its collection landed in Lublin. It consists of 8 incunabula, 5 of which were the property of the Archbishop Jakub Wydżga. There are the works from the Nuremberg publishing house of A. Koberger, Bologna publishing house of H.B. Faelli and Rome publishing house of S. Plannack. On the basis of provenience notes, the Camaldolese library can be also assigned with 32 old prints. Most of them came from testaments, donations and legacies.




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Juda, M. (2014). Fragment księgozbioru kamedułów na Bielanach pod Warszawą w zbiorach Biblioteki Księży Marianów w Lublinie. AUPC Studia Ad Bibliothecarum Scientiam Pertinentia, 11, 61–71. Pobrano z



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