Streaming w kulturze – uwagi wstępne


  • Napoleon Bryl Pedagogical University of Cracow


Słowa kluczowe:

streaming; streaming standards; ingesting; codec; audio and video; VOD; RHODIUM; metadata; metadata standards; culture; digital culture


Streaming, delivering content on demand of the viewer / listener with the help of digital image and sound transmission is a hot topic in the contemporary discussion on the consumption of culture. However, there are no studies of this phenomenon, which affects the problem with the standardization of streaming and the definition of its components (live streaming, streaming on demand, transmission protocol, ingesting, container, audio-video codec, VOD / ROD). The article reviews the phenomenon of streaming based on selected institutions using it: Digital Concert Hall from Berliner Philharmoniker, London Symphony Orchestra, NOSPR, BBC, TVP, Netflix, iTunes, Polish Radio). Due to the dissemination of the phenomenon, the author postulates broadening the research.


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Bryl, N. (2018). Streaming w kulturze – uwagi wstępne. AUPC Studia Ad Bibliothecarum Scientiam Pertinentia, 16, 129–138.



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