Jerzy Samuel Bandtkie (1768-1835). Uczony, pedagog i pracownik książki polskiej


  • Adrian Uliasz

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Bandtkie Jerzy Samuel, biografia


[Jerzy Samuel Bandtkie (1768-1835). A scholar, pedagogue and a Polish book worker]

Jerzy Samuel Bandtkie was born in Lublin to a Lutheran family. He studied history and philology at the universities in Halle and Jena. Since 1798 he worked in Wroclaw as a teacher and a librarian. He was also a rector at one of Wroclaw’s schools. In 1811 Bandtkie was granted the post of a professor of bibliography and a director of the Jagiellonian Library at the University of Krakow. He increased and organized the library’s collection as well as improved and developed the system of library catalogues. While working in Wroclaw and Krakow he published numerous works on history, linguistics and bibliology. He also edited scholarly periodicals. In his treaties about Silesia he defended the Polish nature of the region. Krakow’s Lutheran circles held Bandtkie in high esteem as it was owing to his initiative and influence that they obtained the Church of St. Martin with the adjoining buildings at Grodzka Street in 1816. Bandtkie accumulated a valuable private book collection that presently constitutes a part of the collection of the Jagiellonian Library




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Uliasz, A. (2011). Jerzy Samuel Bandtkie (1768-1835). Uczony, pedagog i pracownik książki polskiej. AUPC Studia Ad Bibliothecarum Scientiam Pertinentia, 9, 40–51. Pobrano z



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