“Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny” w dziewięćdziesiątą rocznicę powstania (1910–2000)


  • Adam Bańdo Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej w Krakowie, Instytut Informacji Naukowej i Bibliotekoznawstwa

Słowa kluczowe:

Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny, historia


["Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny" on its 90th Birthday]

The paper presents the history of the legendary Polish daily, "Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny", from its very beginnings in 1910 till the moment it was converted by the Nazis (1939) into their propaganda organ (the so-called reptile journalism). The material presented here is a fragment of a broader work: doctorate dissertation of the author. The paper discusses the context in which the Daily originated, stages of its transformation from a local newspaper into a national large-circulation periodical with numerous thematic editions. The publishing activity of the "Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny" Concern is also the point of considerable interest, as well as the mechanisms of capturing the press market. The work has been largely based on scholarly and journalist texts. A lot of data come from the archival materials, including the diary of Jan Stankiewicz, the technical editor and responsible editor of the IKC Concern. Stankiewicz's memoirs belong to the section of restricted documents in the Cracow's archives.




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Bańdo, A. (2003). “Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny” w dziewięćdziesiątą rocznicę powstania (1910–2000). AUPC Studia Ad Bibliothecarum Scientiam Pertinentia, 2, 119–144. Pobrano z https://sbsp.uken.krakow.pl/article/view/1034



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