Monasteries and the digital humanities


  • Iwona Pietrzkiewicz Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej w Krakowie


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Monasteries, history, digital humanities, bibliology


In humanities, new methodological search in the area of historical research oriented at culture and its different manifestations, also those of the library sense, are often characterized by the interdisciplinarity of research and openness to new research models. They are currently backed up with modern tools and methods based on information technologies. They have also gained an institutional backing of many institutions promoting digital humanities (DH), created mainly in university circles. Improvement in the range of DH is clearly noticeable in the range of research concentrated on the historical aspect of Christianity and its cultural meaning, preserving in the social life practice the cultural goods and religious values. The autopresentations of orders and monasteries in the web - internet websites, blogs, projects devoted to the architectonic reconstruction are supplemented by such tools as digital archives and libraries, personal and geographic databases, bibliographic databases or projects devoted to provenience research - they are becoming a basis for building new Net 3.0 tools necessary for bibliographic and historical research.


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Pietrzkiewicz, I. (2018). Monasteries and the digital humanities. AUPC Studia Ad Bibliothecarum Scientiam Pertinentia, 15, 133–142.



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